Calphalon Stainless Steel Cookware Review (2023 reviews) (2023)

It can be difficult to find high-quality cookware that lasts and is easy to use. The handles of even the smartest pans can feel flimsy or melt from the heat. Lids sometimes slip out of place and so many models are not efficient at keeping heat.

Calphalon stainless steel cookware is one of the high quality products that claims to deal with these issues. Do it?

Let's find out!

We will look at the following models in this Calphalon stainless steel cookware review:

If you just want to get started: If you're looking for a high-quality 3-ply stainless steel cookware that will last, you can't go far wrong withCalphalon.Read on to find out why, and some of the excellent alternatives on offer.

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Things to consider before buying a three-layer stainless steel cookware

Before investing in three-layer stainless steel cookware, consider the following factors:

What is Tri Ply?

Three layers simply means three layers. Three-layer stainless steel usually has an outer stainless steel layer, an intermediate layer of aluminum or copper, and an inner stainless steel layer.

I like to think of it as a stainless steel sandwich!

This combines the durability and non-reactivity of stainless steel with the heat efficiency of copper or aluminium.

This means potentially getting the best of both worlds. This is why these products, when done correctly, are considered high quality.

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Now that you know what triply means, you might be asking yourself, "Is triple layer stainless steel safe?"

Let's take a little detour and look at alternatives first.

Somenonstick cookwarekits may contain chemicals such as PTFE (the active ingredient in Teflon) or types of polyfluoroalkyl substances. In general, these products should be safe if handled properly, but if handled incorrectly, problems can occur. PTFE is known forharm pet birdsin case of overheating, e.g.

These materials can also be bad for the environment.

For that reason, many would like to avoid PTFE.

I myself sometimes use PTFE non-stick (like for boiling eggs!) I will say it doesn't last as long as other cookware such as stainless steel and is quicker to damage. Another reason to consider stainless steel.

Fortunately, three-layer stainless steel pans are free of toxic ingredients. As explained above, triply contains three layers of metal (two plates of stainless steel and a plate of aluminum or copper in between). Since copper and aluminum are contained in the stainless steel, there is no chance of them leaching into your food.

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What's more, this type of cookware will not emit toxic gases when heated.

Even better, Calphalon three-layer stainless steel cookware is oven safe and resistant to high temperatures.

There will also be no danger when you put them in the dishwasher. The handles are firmly in place, so you are not in danger when moving the pans around the kitchen - especially when they are full of boiling water.


No matter how you take care of your kitchen equipment, there will always be a time when you are busy making dinner and accidentally drop your pot. The worst part of this scenario is when you pick up your newly purchased cookware off the ground and find it twisted, cracked or broken.

The good news is that you're unlikely to experience this disappointment when you invest in high-quality three-layer stainless steel cookware. With excellent yield strength (ability to resist deformation), stainless steel is among the world's hardest metals.


If a pan can't spread the heat, what good is it?

Of course, you can keep stirring the food to avoid burnt or undercooked results. But sometimes this just isn't possible - maybe you're busy with other household chores, or maybe the ingredients get mushy if you stir too many times.

Therefore, you need a pan with good thermal conductivity.

When comparing three ply vs stainless steel cookware, this is one of the points that stands out. Stainless steel in itself is not one of the best materials for cookware. Poor conductivity can easily lead to hotspots and burnt food.

Fortunately, the second layer of three-layer stainless steel is usually aluminum, whichdistributes the heat well.

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Calphalon stainless steel cookware review

Calphalon stainless steel cookware is a great solution that provides a great bundle of pots and pans for any home cook. It has a robust stainless steel body, durable additions and high-performance material.

The cookware comes with non-melting stainless steel handles, glass covers for better visibility and a high-gloss finish for a classic look.

There is a wide range of Calphalon stainless steel cookware, so here I will focus on the 13-piece set.


  • Durable
  • Oven safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to use
  • Simplistic design
  • Needs minimal heat
  • Induction compatible


  • Some lines are difficult to clean
  • Small, narrow handles
  • Must be preheated to prevent the food from sticking

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Features and benefits of Calphalon 13-piece stainless steel cookware

Elegant look

When I say this set has a beautiful look, I don't mean that there aren't more attractive options out there. But what makes these Calphalon pans appealing is their simple and timeless design.

Stainless steel will never become old-fashioned. This cookware has sleek lines with a shiny exterior that blends in with any decor.

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High performance

When I researched reviews of three-layer stainless steel cookware, I could see that Calphalon stood out as classically stylish - just as the manufacturer puts it. But then I thought, "What about the performance?"

It seems that the majority of customers share the opinion that Calphalon stainless steel cookware enhances your cooking experience.

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First, you should have fewer problems with food sticking while using this set because the satin interior is stick-resistant. Let me be clear - stainless steel is not non-stick and never will be. But as long as you keep your cookware clean and preheat the pans before applying the oil, you shouldn't have many problems.

The other factor that contributes to its optimal performance is to retain steam, food nutrients and taste. These utensils have tempered glass lids that fit the pots very well. So they can trap food aromas, heat and moisture.

Also, the glass lids mean you don't have to lift the lid to see how your food is arriving. In this way, you can retain more heat and moisture inside the pan.

Consistent heating

While aluminum works well at dissipating heat, it falls short at thermal retention. On the other hand, stainless steel can retain heat, but it does not succeedspread it evenly.

It is important to spread heat to prevent hotspots and burnt food. You want the whole pan to be the same temperature.

Heat retention also helps with this as it prevents the pan from cooling quickly on contact with food.

Fortunately, this Calphalon cookware set integrates the best of both worlds.

It comes with two layers of stainless steel wrapped around a core layer of hard coated aluminium. This layer is spread along the entire bottom and side surfaces of the utensils. So it delivers uniform heating of your cooking ingredients.

You will appreciate this thermal conductivity because you can cook your meals with almost half the heat you typically use. If you're careful about living costs, you might notice a small savings here.

What's more, the heating rate near the edges will always be the same as the middle part. The pots will never brown the center and leave the outside uncooked - a harrowing scenario that plays out too often in the kitchen.

The most exciting thing is that the heat expands everywhere except the handles. You don't need a glove or a towel to grab these pans, no matter the heat.


As I mentioned above, Calphalon three-layer stainless steel cookware consists of three robust layers, the inner and outer of which are stainless steel.

In general, stainless steel is resistant to scratches and damage – and it is also safe to cook with. So whether you accidentally drop them on the ground or scratch your silverware on the surface, they won't lose their shiny appearance.

The inner surface is also coated with a non-porous finish, making it more durable against abrasive ingredients. I would still be careful not to scratch it and ruin the satin finish. No metal utensils and be careful that nothing touches the inside when it is in the dishwasher - otherwise you may find it gets stickier over time.

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The other parts are also far from fragile. The long handles are tightly connected to the pan so they don't come loose. The tempered glass lids can withstand up to 232°C (450°F). And the outer edges of the lids are made of stainless steel.

Once you have registered your purchase, you also get a lifetime guarantee for each of the 13 pieces. Under the "Use and care" warranty policy, unless the damage is due to misuse, the manufacturer promises to replace or refund your purchase.

The entire set weighs around 25 pounds (11 kg), which is also a testament to its high-quality material, although it may be a bit heavy for some. Being safe for the dishwasher, the oven and the broiler are other factors that prove the versatility and quality.

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Easy maintenance

Calphalon stainless steel customer reviews indicate that this cookware requires minimal maintenance.

Stainless steel cookware is typicaleasy to clean. All you usually need to do is soak them in warm water, then use a mild detergent with a soft brush to wipe off the dirt.

To remove any discoloration, you can also wash your pans with a little vinegar or lemon juice. So there is no need to buy special or expensive cleaning products.

Since the pots and pans are dishwasher safe, the easiest option is to put them in the dishwasher. But if you want them to last longer, I recommend hand washing them.

If you use the dishwasher, make sure nothing can touch the inside of the pan. This can ruin the satin finish.


The 13-piece cookware collection includes a variety of pan sizes, meaning you can meet all your cooking needs with a single set.

The omelette pans, for example, come in three different dimensions. You also get two different sizes of pots, which is handy.

For example, if your kids can't agree on breakfast, having three pans allows you to make multiple "orders" at the same time. A batch of pancakes and two sunny-side-up fried eggs come up!

For smaller households or those looking for a more low-budget option, there is one too8-piece setand a10 piece setavailable.

Calphalon Stainless Steel Cookware Review (2023 reviews) (6)

The8-piece collectionincludes two omelet pans (one 8-inch and one 10-inch), two 5-quart saucepans with lids, and one 6-quart saucepan with separate lid.

The11 piece set, on the other hand, includes two omelet pans with (one with lid), two saucepans with lids (1.5-qt and 2.5-qt), one saute pan with lid, and an 8-qt. Dutch oven that also comes with a lid.

Well designed

Calphalon's attention to detail is excellent. I especially like how they have used the three layers:

  • The outer layer of stainless steel is magnetic stainless steel. This makes the kit induction compatible (not all stainless steel is!)
  • The middle layer is aluminium. As a sign of a quality set of pans, aluminum extends around the sides as well as the bottom.
  • The inner layer is satin finish stainless steel. Stainless steel is not non-stick and never will be, but the satin finish really helps stop food from sticking. This makes cleanup easier.

Best value

Whether you want to prepare fried salmon for lunch or some clam chowder for dinner, this collection of cookware is all you need. Since they are resistant to distortion and wear and tear, you will likely have them for many years to come, which is great when you consider the price.

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All Coated D3 Tri-Ply Stainless 10 Piece Cookware Set

Like Calphalon triply, this collection of pots and pans offers the beauty of stainless steel with the thermal conductivity of aluminum.

All Clad is known for its high quality products - with high prices to match the quality. Expect All Clad kit to last even longer than Calphalon if you treat it right.

Calphalon Stainless Steel Cookware Review (2023 reviews) (7)

This set consists of two frying pans in two sizes (8-inch and 10-inch), plus two pots with separate tops for each. It also has a 3-quart sauté pan and an 8-quart pot, each of which comes with a separate lid.

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Here is a brief comparison between the two sets:

  • Both have three layers of durable metals
  • Both are oven and dishwasher safe
  • Both have securely attached handles, but the Calphalon handles stay cooler
  • All Clad has better thermal resistance than Calphalon
  • Both are suitable for all hobs
  • Both have a lifetime warranty
  • All Clad is more expensive but higher quality

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If I've piqued your interest here: I've written a more in-depth comparison ofAll coated and Calphalon. Or you can explore more of All-Clad's best product lines in myAll-Clad D3 vs. D5 review.

Cuisinart Multiclad Pro stainless steel 12-piece cookware set

This 12-piece stainless steel cookware set includes two pots with a capacity of 1.5 and 3 litres. It also has two hoodless frying pans in different sizes with two sauté pans, a covered pot and a steamer insert.

Calphalon Stainless Steel Cookware Review (2023 reviews) (8)

Here is a comparison between the Calphalon 13 piece and this alternative:

  • Both are compatible with induction hobs
  • Cuisinart handles get hotter than Calphalon handles
  • Both have tight-fitting lids
  • The Cuisinart has a dripless pour function, but the Calphalon does not
  • Cuisinart has better thermal resistance
  • The Cuisinart 12-piece comes with a steamer insert with low
  • The Calphalon has a glass lid, while the Cuisinart comes with a steel lid

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Tramontina stainless steel Tri-Ply coated 12-piece cookware set

With this cooking set, you get three covered pots, two frying pans, a pot with a lid and a deep saute pan with a capacity of 5 litres. Like Calphalon there is also8 deleand10 stksets available.

Calphalon Stainless Steel Cookware Review (2023 reviews) (9)

Here is a comparison between the Calphalon 13 piece and this alternative:

  • Both have three-layer construction and distribute heat evenly
  • Both are dishwasher and oven safe
  • Cool-to-touch, easy-grip, riveted handles on both sets
  • Tramontina has a mirror polished exterior, Calphalon has a brushed exterior
  • You can use both parts on induction hobs
  • Tramontina has a stainless steel lid, while Calphalon has a glass lid

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If you like Tramontina, I'll review more Tramontina cookwareher.

Other Calphalon cookware

Calphalon manufacturesa variety of cookware, including a more affordable oneClassic stainless steel line(which is studded instead of three-ply.)

Calphalon Tri Ply Review – The Verdict

Calphalon offers a fantastic 3-layer cookware that combines the advantages of stainless steel and aluminum.

Still, their competitors also offer great cookware, so consider ticking more boxes than Calphalon.

All the kitchenware here is three-piece. This has the advantages of heat efficiency, heat retention and a mostly non-reactive surface (unless you have a nickel sensitivity).

The downside is that stainless steel just isn't non-stick. Calphalon does a great job of alleviating some of the cleanup pain with their satin interior finish. If you preheat the pans and add oil, you'll probably be OK. It's a matter of convenience vs durability (and possible health). It's up to you.

If you're still looking for a high-quality 3-ply stainless steel cookware that will last, then you can't go far wrong with Calphalon.

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Is Calphalon stainless steel a good brand? ›

Calphalon is a good brand because they make quality cooking items. They are durable, made from stainless steel, dishwasher safe, oven safe, come with an impressive warranty, and can be used to make a wide variety of meals. These are some of the best stainless steel cookware there is.

What is best number for stainless steel cookware? ›

High-quality, food-grade stainless steel cookware is usually in the 300 series, with most ideal being 316. What is this? You can also keep an eye out for the numbers 18/10 and 18/8, which are part of the 300 series. The first number indicates the percentage of chromium and the second the percentage of nickel.

What brand is comparable to Calphalon? ›

There are a few cookware brands similar to the Calphalon classic cookware. Cuisinart is probably the most similar – considering they both offer really durable nonstick cookware. You can't go wrong with either or – both are high-quality cookware that can handle high heat levels on the stovetop and are easy to clean.

What grade of stainless steel is Calphalon? ›

We use only the highest grades of stainless steel in our products. Some of our products are constructed using 18/10 stainless steel, which denotes the ratio of chromium and nickel respectively. Higher nickel content is preferable because it resists rust and corrosion.

Is Calphalon worth the money? ›

Are Calphalon pans worth the money? Yes! They are extremely high-quality and durable pans. Whether you're looking into the Calphalon Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Set or a nonstick set – you can't go wrong.

How long do Calphalon pans last? ›

A good rule of thumb is to replace them approximately every five years. Look at your pans frequently. When they start to appear warped, discolored or scratched, be sure to stop using them.

How long do Calphalon pots and pans last? ›

The pots and pans

According to TheKitchn, you can expect about five years out of your non-stick pots and pans; it's time to retire anything with a surface that's pitted or starts to peel (to make sure it lasts that long, they offer some tips for taking care of them).

Do Calphalon pans wear out? ›

Calphalon cookware is built to last. The life expectancy of a pan really depends on the care of the products, as improper care can shorten the life of any pan.

What is the best thickness for stainless steel pan? ›

The general rule of thumb is “the thicker the better”. Lower end stainless steel cookware is generally only 0.5mm thick, and you'd be looking at around 5mm for a high quality pot or pan that is most conducive to even heat production.

Which is better 18 8 or 18 10 stainless steel for cookware? ›

18/8 stainless steel is an acceptable option for cookware, especially if you're on a tight budget, but if you want to invest in high-quality cookware, 18/10 Stainless Steel is the better choice. While 18/8 steel is resistant to rust, the higher nickel content of 18/10 steel makes it virtually corrosion-proof.

Is Calphalon the same as stainless steel? ›

Calphalon Classic Stainless Steel Cookware features a stainless steel construction that provides long-lasting durability and an impact-bonded stainless steel base with an aluminum core that distributes heat evenly.

Are Calphalon pans safe to use? ›

Calphalon nonstick cookware and covers are oven safe. However, nonstick cookware is NOT safe for use in the broiler. Locate your specific cookware line below to see at what temperature it is oven and/or broiler safe. Safe temperatures are also recommended in the Use and Care section.

Can Calphalon stainless steel pans go in the oven? ›

These stainless steel pots and pans are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning, and also oven-safe up to 450 degrees F so you can conveniently go from stovetop to oven to finish your meal, or to easily reheat food.

Can you use metal utensils on Calphalon stainless steel? ›

Calphalon Signature Nonstick Cookware can do it all: sear foods beautifully, stand up to metal utensils, heat evenly and precisely, and safely go in the dishwasher.

How do you clean Calphalon stainless steel? ›


Dishwasher safe. Use automatic dishwashing detergent without bleach or citrus additives. However, we recommend hand washing to preserve the luster of the stainless steel. Hand wash using a liquid dishwashing detergent and a non-abrasive sponge or soft bristle brush.

When should I throw away my Calphalon pans? ›

A good rule of thumb is to replace them approximately every five years. Look at your pans frequently. When they start to appear warped, discolored, or scratched, be sure to stop using them.

Why does everything stick to my Calphalon pans? ›

If food is sticking to your nonstick surface, there may be a residue on the surface causing food to stick. This residue is usually formed from the natural oils in the foods you cook and does not always come clean with regular dish washing liquid.

What is the rating on Calphalon pots and pans? ›

Customer reviews
5 star80%
4 star12%
3 star4%
2 star2%
1 star2%

Why is my Calphalon turning white? ›

In nearly all cases, the white residue is from calcium and magnesium-containing minerals that are found in tap water. The minerals build up on pans when water boils, evaporates, and leaves them behind.

What is the longest lasting cookware? ›

Long-lasting, classic, uncoated stainless steel is a good choice for browning and braising. Often sold in sets, stainless cookware can be the kitchen workhorse, tackling everything from pickling to pasta sauce. Pros: Durable, easy to care for, does not react with foods.

Do stainless steel pans go bad? ›

Stainless steel is incredibly durable.

Stainless steel cookware can withstand very high temperatures without warping, and, when cared for properly, lasts for generations. (Tip: Always let pans cool completely before washing.)

How do you make Calphalon pans non-stick again? ›

To do so, simply mix 1 cup water, 2 tablespoons baking soda, and ½ cup white vinegar in the pot or pan that's lost its stick, set on the stove, and heat until boiling for 10 minutes. Wash the pot as usual, then rub vegetable oil on the surface to re-season it and get the non-stick surface back.

Do stainless steel pans need to be replaced? ›

For a home cook, a decent set of cookware should last between five and ten years, depending on the frequency of cooking. "The best type of material to use in general is stainless steel, with the exception of using non-stick for omelets," explains Scott Clarke, a chef and owner of Blue Monkey Catering.

Does Calphalon honor their warranty? ›

Calphalon will replace any item found defective in material or workmanship when put to normal household use and cared for according to the instructions. Minor imperfections, surface markings as a result of shipping, and slight color variations are normal.

What voids Calphalon warranty? ›

The following use and care misuse could void the cookware warranty: overheating, unapproved oven or broiler use, metal utensil or appliance use on nonstick cookware surfaces, using unapproved cleansers and/or cleaning pads, dishwasher use on unapproved cookware lines, and more.

Does Calphalon still use Teflon? ›

Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont and a brand name for polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) a nonstick finish. While Calphalon cookware features polytetrafluoroethylene-based nonstick finishes, we are not associated with, nor do we use, Teflon® branded products.

Why do professional chefs prefer stainless steel? ›

Chefs, professional cooks, and restaurants use stainless steel cookware. They prefer it because it's practically indestructible. The construction and material offer superior heat distribution, and when used properly, a stainless steel pan can keep food from sticking.

Do professional cooks use stainless steel pans? ›

In a restaurant, you will notice a variety of different pans, including stainless steel pans, cast iron pans, aluminium pans and more. However, most chefs prefer to use stainless steel pans when preparing food.

Which is the best stainless steel in market? ›

Overall, grade 316 is usually the better choice when making food-grade stainless steel containers. 316 SS is more chemically-resistant in a variety of applications, and especially when dealing with salt and stronger acidic compounds such as lemon or tomato juice.

What is the disadvantage of stainless steel pan? ›

One possible downside of stainless steel is that it may leach heavy metals into food. This is more likely if you cook acidic foods in a stainless-steel pot for a long time. Stainless steel can contain iron, chromium, and nickel, the latter having no nutritional benefit in the body.

How can you tell if stainless steel is high quality? ›

So the “magnet test” is to take a magnet to your stainless steel cookware, and if it sticks, it's “safe”—indicating no nickel present—but if it doesn't stick, then it's not safe, and contains nickel (which is an austenite steel).

Will a magnet stick to stainless steel cookware? ›

Austenitic stainless steels are generally non-magnetic, while ferritic and martensitic stainless steels are magnetic. However, there may still be some magnetic attraction even with non-magnetic stainless steel due to impurities or surface contaminants.

Is 18 10 stainless steel safe to use? ›

If you are looking for a high quality, safe to use flatware, we recommend using 18/10 stainless steel. 18/10 and 18/8 stainless steel flatware are more durable and resistant to corrosion than 18/0 flatware. We recommend sticking to the 18/10 steel for both everyday and fancy flatware.

Are 18-8 and 304 stainless steel the same? ›

Both 18-8 stainless steel and 304 are chemically the same. The grade or title 18-8 indicates its composition, i.e. chromium 18% and nickel 8%. This cost effective version is a great choice for commercial food processing applications, refrigerators, dishwashers, as it offers good resistance to corrosion.

What is Calphalon stainless steel made of? ›

Calphalon Signature™ Stainless Steel cookware is made with a triple-layer aluminum core fused between two layers of stainless steel for exceptional even heating and precise temperature control. Beautifully crafted modern aesthetics and elegant, sophisticated lines.

Is Calphalon safe when scratched? ›

When your pans are scratched, some of the nonstick coating can flake into your food (the pan also becomes stickier). This can release toxic compounds. What is even more dangerous is cooking in a nonstick pan over high heat (this releases a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid).

Is Calphalon stainless steel PTFE free? ›

Calphalon Ceramic Frying Pan, Nonstick Oil-Infused Cookware with Stay-Cool Handles, PTFE and PFOA-Free, Dark Gray. Amazon's Choice highlights highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately.

What is the healthiest cookware to use? ›

The least toxic cookware are non-stick pans and pots, like cast iron, stainless steel, ceramic, glass, and enamel-coated cast iron. These options don't have any Teflon coating on them, making them safe to use.

Can you use metal utensils on Calphalon? ›

Calphalon Signature Hard-Anodized Nonstick Cookware delivers a 1.5x more durable nonstick interior (vs Calphalon Classic) for effortless food release. Metal-utensil-safe, oven-safe up to 500 degrees F, and dishwasher-safe.

Do professional chefs use non-stick pans? ›

Most professional chefs do not use non-stick pans and especially frypans, as they cannot meet the demands of a busy kitchen.

What is the best non-stick pan that will last forever? ›

The takeaway. For the best nonstick cookware that will last several years, our top pick is the Zwilling Madura Plus. If you're looking for a ceramic pan, go with the GreenPan Paris Pro, but know that in general, the nonstick coatings on ceramic pans don't last as long as those on non-ceramic pans.

What cookware does Gordon Ramsay use? ›

Well, HexClad, the hybrid cookware brand, does. And they're the pans that professional chef Gordon Ramsay uses at home. You may have seen HexClad mentioned on Gordon Ramsay's show Next Level Chef on FOX. After using and liking them, he actually became a partner of the brand's.

Where are Calphalon stainless steel products made? ›

Located in Perrysburg, Ohio, Calphalon is a leading producer of premium-quality cookware, bakeware, cutlery, and appliances for the home chef.

Can you use butter on stainless steel? ›

Butter can be used for frying with stainless steel cookware. However, it is important to avoid heating the empty pan with butter for a long time.

Is Calphalon stainless steel PFOA and PTFE free? ›

Calphalon Ceramic Frying Pan, Nonstick Oil-Infused Cookware with Stay-Cool Handles, PTFE and PFOA-Free, Dark Gray. Amazon's Choice highlights highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately.

Is Calphalon stainless steel magnetic? ›

Calphalon Stainless Steel Cookware is constructed with magnetic stainless steel, making it effective on all stovetops, including induction.

Who bought Calphalon? ›

M&A Deal Summary
SectorConsumer Products
Buyer(s)Newell Brands
Deal TypeAdd-on Acquisition
1 more row

Can you use scratched Calphalon? ›

When your pans are scratched, some of the nonstick coating can flake into your food (the pan also becomes stickier). This can release toxic compounds. What is even more dangerous is cooking in a nonstick pan over high heat (this releases a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid).

Is Calphalon cookware safe to use? ›

Calphalon nonstick cookware and covers are oven safe. However, nonstick cookware is NOT safe for use in the broiler. Locate your specific cookware line below to see at what temperature it is oven and/or broiler safe. Safe temperatures are also recommended in the Use and Care section.

How good is Calphalon warranty? ›

Products found to not be defective in material or workmanship will be returned directly to you with a letter stating why. While many of our product lines carry a lifetime warranty, some of Calphalon's original cookware lines carry a 10 year warranty, including the Calphalon 'Pots & Pans' cookware line.


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