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Has Tiger Capital Group sued you or filed a lawsuit against you? Are you dealing with frozen bank accounts, UCC liens or mortgages?

Our MCA defenders can help!

MCA Collection Defense Services

repayment plans
debt settlement

Our MCA defense attorneys can help you with Tiger Capital Group

If you owe anythingTiger Capital Group and are having trouble completing your payments,areare about to default, have recently defaulted, or are in default in dealing with any UCC liens, claims or judgments.We'll analyze your budget and help determine if your best option is to draft a payment agreement, defend the lawsuit, settle your lawsuit for less than what you owe, and worst-case scenario, also help you or your business file for bankruptcy. we do everything

In some cases, a well-prepared defense is enough to have oneMerchant Cash Advance (MCA)Lawsuit dismissed, while in other cases we can settle the lawsuits for less than what you owe - before we ever have to set foot in a courtroom. If you don't have the resources to settle, by defending the case we can help delay the trial for as long as possible to avoid a judgment while building resources to negotiate a deal.

If MCAs are the problem - we have the answers. Kenneth Dramer has practiced law since 1993 and his associates have helped thousands of people with their obligations, business problems and other financial problems. When you choose our law firm to help you deal with your business debt, we will assess your current financial situation and work within your budget to create a plan tailored to your needs. We then help implement the strategies, and the result is you - debt free and stress free - the way life should be!

MCA Relief Attorneys

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MCA Debt Relief Attorneys

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Dramer Law has highly qualified debt attorneys who specialize in corporate debt relief, which encompasses this area of ​​law. We are well-versed in protecting our customers' rights and will work vigorously to defend them.

Some of our customers owe money to one company, while others owe many. Some customers are sued by one company, others by several. We understand that every debt collection situation and defense strategy is different.Our experience has prepared us well for the various situations that may arise when defending our clients. Taking into account your budget, our debt attorneys and lawyers will analyze your case and work with you to develop the appropriate strategy that best suits your needs.

We offer you the following services to support you in your defense in debt collection proceedings:

  • payment plan negotiations
  • debt settlement
  • defense proceedings
  • Competition

Let us help you!

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Did Tiger Capital Group get a judgment against you and you didn't know it?

If you either signed a judgment affidavit (COJ) that was not served correctly or at all and Tiger Capital Group obtained a default judgment against you as a result; Our debt attorneys can help you fight back. We have successfully overturned many judgments for our clients, helping them save thousands of dollars that would otherwise have been seized by collections attorneys.

Learn more about how we help with default judgments

Tiger Capital Group has frozen my bank account - can your law firm help?

If you have been judged, the judgment creditor can now block your bank account without further notice. If the judgment causing the bank levy was made against you by default judgment or confession (COJ), we may be able to overturn the judgment and withhold the bank levy. That means if you were sued but not served and therefore didn't even know about the lawsuit, we may be able to appeal the judgment and have it removed. If the judgment is valid and you have been served correctly but have not defended yourself or have defended yourself and lost the case, we can still help you in other ways.

If your bank account is blocked, we can help you! Most of the time we can arrangebank charges for less than the amount owed,Thousands of dollars in savings for many of our customers and the release of previously frozen funds! We can negotiate what is known as a conditional release to save some of your funds - before the Marshal or Sheriff can take them all from you. If you don't have the funds to settle, we can even help you set up a payment plan or file for bankruptcy if you qualify. One way or another we can help you.

Learn more about how we help with bank levies

Tiger Capital Group has a lien on my property - can a debt collection suit help?

If there is a judgment against you, that creditor may lien against your property without notifying you. If the judgment creating the property lien is against you, we may be able to reverse the judgment and release the lien. That means if you were sued but didn't receive service and therefore didn't even know about the suit, we may be able to challenge the judgment and have it removed - along with the lien. If the judgment is valid and you have been served correctly but have not defended yourself or have defended yourself and lost the case, we can still help you in other ways.

If your property has a lien, in most cases we can settle the lien for less than the amount owed - before you attempt to sell or refinance it, and help save thousands of dollars on your equity. Once you have paid the negotiated amount, we will obtain a lien release for you which will remove the lien from your property. If you don't have the funds to prepay for your sale or refinance, we can even help you work out a payment plan or file for bankruptcy if you qualify.

Learn more about how we help with mortgage liens

Do you owe money to Tiger Capital Group? We can help | The law firm of Kenneth H. Dramer, P.C. (1)

Tiger Capital Group filed a COJ or sent a UCC lien letter to one of my clients!

If your business has a Confession of Judgment (COJ) or UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) lien, your claims are subject to garnishment without further notice.If you've received a UCC or COJ execution order for your claim, we can either settle the balance for less than the amount owed, or negotiate partial account release and lower affordable payments to get you back on track. On rare occasions, we may arrange for a full unblocking of your account in return for a good faith payment. Remember that our past performance cannot dictate your results as we treat each case individually. Once you repay a negotiated settlement amount or make the final payment of an installment arrangement, we will obtain a Letter of Satisfactory Judgment on your behalf and, in some cases, have judgments set aside. Aafter an account is paid off, wWe make sure your creditor files a UCC3 to end all UCC liens. If you don't have the funds to settle or can't afford to work out a voluntary payment plan, we can help you or your business file for bankruptcy if you qualify and can afford all of the plan payments, if needed.

Find out more about how we help with wage garnishment

Dramer Law for all your debt collection defense needs

We are a law firm based in New York andpractice nationwide. If Tiger Capital Group or another company sues you,we understand that it can be extremely stressful. Our customer service representatives, paralegals and attorneys are fully committed to providing the best possible personalized care in a personal setting. We are always here for you, as a shoulder to lean on in times of need.

If you have recently been served with a lawsuit by Tiger Capital Group, you should not panic, but you should act quickly.

Contact us today

Contact us today

Our customer service representatives act on a one-to-one basis

This means you speak to the same person every time should you need to contact us.The representative who explains everything to you is the one you keep in touch with and who is up to date on your case. This further ensures that they will do their best to provide you with everything possible in advance to meet your expectations of the process you decide to hire us for as you will be in a relationship with the same person over time will build.Our employee retention rate is close to 100%The likelihood that your personal representative will leave us at all is therefore low. We have happy employees here andHappy employees make for happy customers!

For these reasons, among others, we ask you for a free consultation. It not only saves you the time of reading, but also possible misinterpretation of the information on our website. If you are unable to call now and would like to keep trying to find out for yourself, please contact usvonany means, read on.

This is how we help


Our employees are trained to ask the right questionsto learnyour whole situation.Every member of our law firm who advises our clients is well qualified and has AT LEAST 10 YEARS of experience dealing with debt negotiations!

Before making a recommendation, a representative will analyze your current situation, including your assets and liabilities and current cash flow. Your representative will thenCustomize a relief solution to your individual needs.


Keep once, we immediatelySend a limited power of attorney notice to any creditor or third party currently attempting to collectthe money you owe. This will direct all calls and communications to our law firm so that we can take care of your creditors and their debt collection activities for you.This helps curb collection efforts against you or your companyThis allows us to do what we do best when dealing with the collectors. This saves you time and allows you to do what you do best.

We'll work on both thenLowering your payments, lowering your interest rates, extending repayment terms, trying to reduce the amount of outstanding principal you owe, or helping you file for bankruptcy.


We never agree to anything without first consulting with you and obtaining your consent. So it's your fault and your moneyYou have the final say in all of our negotiations.

Kenneth H. Dramer PC Law Office helps individuals and businesses experiencing financial difficulties. We have offices in New York City and Long Island as well as Upstate NY, in addition to of counsel attorneys inStates across the country so we can usually help no matter your location!If you or your company have debts that you cannot afford,call todayHere's how one of the most experienced debt attorneys, debt relief experts, bankruptcy attorneys and other debt specialists can help you! There is absolutely no obligation, so don't hesitatecall usor visit ourContact uspage to learn how you canGet out of debt and take control of your financial future.

Get your free consultation today!

Get your free consultation today!

If you are beginning to struggle with your finances or are already in default, don't risk your financial future by delaying getting creditors to sue you or confiscate your assets. You can do this with most of our debt relief optionsChoose which of your accounts you want to includeand what not to do.

Whether your situation calls for debt consolidation, debt management, debt settlement, or bankruptcy, when you hire Dramer Law's debt attorneys and experts - we'll get the job done!

Need honest professional advice?

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Get a free consultation today

Why should you choose Dramer Law for your debt relief needs?

Debt is our specialty

Other companies and law firmsOfferDebt relief - wespecializeinside!We do not offer services that are not closely related to clients who are in financial difficulty, so our clients have unique needs that we can address compared to those of other law firms.We offer all debt relief options and treat our customers like family. You should never settle for less if you're trying to settle for less!

Lower fees

Since our clients do not have as much money left over as lawyers who practice in other areas of law,We charge low fees to make our services affordablefor anyone who needs help. Unless your case requires one of our attorneys to go to court, our negotiation service fees are charged on a contingent basis rather than on an hourly basis.

Fee Guarantees

We get the job done and are so confident that we can help with any situation you can throw at uswe won't charge you if we don't save you money - GUARANTEED! Either we save you money or you don't pay us! (*Not including court appearances as hourly fees apply)

One to One Customer Service

All of our customer relationships are one on one. You have an individual Customer Service Representative who is your point of contact and you develop a relationship with them so that they know exactly what you are going through. Aside from treating you with the utmost care, this meansYou don't have to deal with multiple people and explain your situation to someone else every time you call. This saves you time and eliminates extra stress for you because time is money and being stress free is just as important as being debt free!

Customer Service Response Time

All of our attorneys, paralegals and negotiators strive to provide the best possible experience while delivering results.We are available long hoursHowever, should we be unavailable for any reason, we pride ourselves on responding to calls and emails immediately, not several days later like most attorneys.

Our reputation

Many companies do nothing for the high fees they charge. We've heard a lot of horror stories. These companies are not proactive, they don't bother to negotiate, they don't even answer calls from collectors! These actions lead collectors to seek other means of collecting, often resulting in lawsuits. We typically work repeatedly with the same companies and are known for handling accounts, giving us an excellent reputation with industry creditors and collectors. This is what you get when we contact these companies on your behalf, they know itthe accounts are closed and we can therefore usually avoid legal action!

We can help you if any of the following apply to you:

  • You are struggling to pay your bills
  • You use credit cards for purchases you can't afford
  • They don't qualify or don't want a loan
  • You are behind on one or more of your bills
  • You will receive reminders and reminders
  • Another company tried to negotiate but got no results
  • You want to avoid OR file for bankruptcy

With multiple options and experienced staff,

We have the debt relief solution for your needs

Get a free consultation

Get a free consultation

We can also help you with insolvency

We are pleased to offer our clients the choice of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy as this is an excellent option for many people who need a solution to their overdue debt. However, most of our clients want to avoid bankruptcy for many reasons and are looking for alternatives to bankruptcy.

With bankruptcy comes a loss of control and most of our clients do not wish to surrender all of their discretionary funds to the court. They don't want to deal with the possibility of ongoing filing-related court cases, where monthly payments can increase as their income increases.

Read more about bankruptcy by clicking here

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be costly due to the repayment plan that must be presented to the trustee. The calculations and work that go into creating these plans can take many hours, and each individual objection by the creditor can result in hours being recalculated. Those hours add up to attorney and court costs.

Many people want to avoid the disadvantages of bankruptcy. Some of the main disadvantages are that a bankruptcy filing becomes public knowledge and can also stay on your credit reports for up to ten years.

Sometimes it is more beneficial to avoid bankruptcy by working out flexible terms with your creditors. The cost of other debt relief options may be less than our law firm's Chapter 13 No Fee Guarantee; We won't charge you on any account if we don't save you money. However, if you cannot provide funds for negotiation purposes, bankruptcy may still be the right option for you!

Dramer Law is located in the New York City area andhaveexpanded our practice with of counsel attorneys across the country. Our staff consists of some of the most experienced debt attorneys, debt relief experts, bankruptcy attorneys and other debt specialists, all committed to helping you! Visit ourbankruptcy sideto learn more or call 1-888-314-1722 today for a free consultation.

You have nothing to lose but your debt!

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*Individual results may vary based on consumer's ability to save enough money and meet all program requirements. Our law firm does not assume or settle debts or provide credit or tax advice on forgiveness. The program is not available in all states and does not receive instant repayment agreements until the consumer has saved enough money and the lender(s) make offers.
*Be carefula company telling you not to pay your bills because certain debt relief options can negatively impact your credit report and other consequences. For example, your debt may still incur late fees and penalties, you may also receive calls from your creditors and/or collection agencies, you may even be sued for non-payment. If a creditor obtains a judgment against you, they have the right to garnish your wages or mortgage your house. Make sure you choosePursuethat explains the benefits and consequences of each debt relief option. Please read and understand all program terms and conditions prior to enrollment.
*The information provided on this website is for general informational and educational purposes only. The information presented should not be considered and should not be misconstrued as legal advice and should under no circumstances be acted upon without first consulting an attorney. Information is subject to change without prior notice. Consult a debt relief attorney licensed in your jurisdiction for specific advice.
*We provide debt relief services and are a debt relief agency as defined by the US Congress. We pride ourselves on helping people apply for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Act as well as various other bankruptcy avoidance services.
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