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How To Fix Unable To Join Kik Groups In 2022 - The Techy Info (1)

Kik is a popular social media messaging platform out there. On Kik, you can join various public groups and interact with the group members. However, there are many Kik users who have complained that they are unable to join different groups on Kik. If you are facing the same problem and want to fix it then you are in the right place. Below we have covered how to fix Kik can't join issue. W

We have provided various solutions to help you fix this Kik problem. All you have to do is follow the steps below and you can fix this problem. There can be various reasons why you cannot join Kik groups. We have also described the reasons below. So, if you are facing this problem on Kik, you just need to follow the steps below and you can fix it easily. You can also read about itDeleting Your Kik Account.

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Why can't I join Kik Groups?

How To Fix Unable To Join Kik Groups In 2022 - The Techy Info (2)

There is no particular reason why you cannot join groups on this popular messaging platform. However, below we have outlined some of the most common reasons why this problem might appear.

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  • You are banned:If you recently violated Kik's Terms of Service, you may be banned for a few days. At this time you could not join groups on this platform. It can take up to 30 days for them to unblock you and unblock your account. So, this could be the main reason why you cannot join groups.
  • App error:It can also be a bug of Kik app why you can't join a group in the app. Sometimes the app can get bugs and because of this, these types of problems can appear in this app.
  • Kik server is down:If the Kik servers are down and at that moment you are trying to join the groups, you may face the unable to join groups issue in this app. So this could be another reason for this problem.
  • Cache-Problem:When there is cache issue in Kik app, you may also face the issue of unable to join a group. Especially if you haven't cleared the app's cache for a long time, this type of problem can occur.

Whatever the reason, you can simply follow the methods below to fix this Kik problem easily.

How to Fix Can't Join Kik Groups Issue?

1. Sign out of the app

The first thing you need to do to fix this Kik problem is sign out of the app and sign in again. Below we have described how you can do this. To do this, simply follow the step-by-step guide below.

  1. First, open the Kik app on your device.
  2. Now click on your profile picture and log out there.
  3. Then open the login page and log in with your credentials.

That's it. Now try joining a group and see if the problem is resolved.

2. Stop Kik

Next, you need to force quit the Kik app and then try to join a group. Force quit the app helps to close the whole process of the app. So you have to force close the app first and then try to join a group. Below we have described how to force stop Kik on your device. To do this, follow the process below.

How To Fix Unable To Join Kik Groups In 2022 - The Techy Info (3)

  1. First, open the Settings option on your device.
  2. Now go toApp Management > App Listpossibility from there.
  3. From there, look for the Kik app and click on it.
  4. Now click"Force Stop"Option to force quit the app.

That's it. Now open Kik on your device and see if it works.

3. Change account

If you are banned from Kik, you need to change your account and use Kik with a new account to join the groups. Since Kik doesn't allow the banned users to perform certain tasks and use some features, you need to use a new account on the platform if you want to use the features. But instead of just signing up with a new account, you need to follow certain steps. Below we have described how you can do this.

How To Fix Unable To Join Kik Groups In 2022 - The Techy Info (4)

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  1. Firstly, you need to uninstall the Kik app from your device. you can go toSettings > App management > App list > Kikand click the'Uninstall'Option to uninstall the app.
  2. Then download a working VPN onto your device and connect to the VPN server.
  3. Next, download and install the latest version of Kik app on your device.
  4. After that you need to click'Register'option and sign up for a new account.

Now try joining a group on the platform and see if it works.

4. Update Kik

If you haven't updated the Kik app for a long time, you may encounter bugs and errors in the app. So if you can't join groups on Kik, just update the app to the latest version and then see if it works. Below we have described how you can do this. To do this, follow the process below.

  1. First, open the Google Play Store on your device.
  2. Now look for the Kik app.
  3. Click on the "Update" option to update the app.

That's it. Now open it on your device and see if it works.

5. Clear cache

Next, you can try clearing the cache of Kik app to fix unable to join Kik groups issue. Below we have described how you can easily clear the cache of the app. So just follow the process below to clear cache.

How To Fix Unable To Join Kik Groups In 2022 - The Techy Info (5)

  1. First, open the “Settings” option on your device.
  2. Then go toApp Management > App Listpossibility from there.
  3. Next, click on the Kik app and go to'Storage'possibility from there.
  4. Now click on the'Clear cache'and'Delete data'Options to clear the app's cache.

That's it. Now you need to open the app and then see if it works.

6. Check if Kik is Down

How To Fix Unable To Join Kik Groups In 2022 - The Techy Info (6)

Kik app servers can sometimes go down. And at this time you cannot join any group or use the app. So all you have to do is check if the Kik servers are working and wait if there are any problems with the servers. You can just go to this link and check if Kik is shut down. So just check the server and make sure you are using the app where the servers work.

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7. Reinstall Kik

The last method to fix unable to join Kik groups is that you need to reinstall Kik on your device. This is the ultimate method to fix this Kik problem. You can just goSettings > App management > App list > Kikapp and uninstall it from there. Then just download the latest version of the Kik app on your device and see if it works.


There are many Kik users who interact with each other on the Kik app. So if you're having trouble joining groups in the app, you can just follow the steps above. We have described the complete method to fix this Kik problem. If you liked this guide, you can share it on your social media platforms. Use the share buttons below to do so. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can post them in the comment section below. You can also leave your feedback in the comments section.

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Why am I unable to join Kik groups? ›

Some people have experienced an annoying glitch where they can't open or join a public group despite trying multiple times. One explanation for this could be that you are using the wrong key to access the group, and you need to check with other members of the group whether this is the case.

Can Kik Ban you from joining groups? ›

If you're repeatedly banned from a group multiple times, you may be banned from joining Public Groups altogether. Currently you can only create up to 3 Public Groups within 24 hours.

How do I fix the problem with Kik? ›

Try to force shut the Kik app and re-opening the same again. Updating your Kik app and the operating system of your device to the latest release on your smartphone whether it is iOS, Android or Windows.

How to join Kik groups? ›

Join a group
  1. From your main chat list tap the + icon.
  2. Tap the Public Groups Icon.
  3. Search for a topic in the search bar or explore under the Popular Searches banner.
  4. Tap on a Public Group in the list to check out more information about who's in it.
  5. To join it, tap Join Public Group.
  6. Start Chatting.
Aug 9, 2021

What replaced Kik? ›

Like Kik, these apps are free to use, come with a user-friendly interface, and take care of their user privacy.
  • Kik Alternative. WhatsApp. ...
  • Kik Alternative. Telegram. ...
  • Kik Alternative. Signal. ...
  • Tox. Category Social Tools. ...
  • Viber. Category Customer Communications Management Software. ...
  • LINE. Category Project Management. ...
  • Snapchat. ...
  • KaKaoTalk.

How do I fix Kik on my iPhone? ›

9 Solutions to Fix Kik not Working on iPhone
  1. Connect to Stable Wi-Fi.
  2. Restart Kik App.
  3. Switch to Mobile Data.
  4. Restart iPhone.
  5. Turn On and Off Airplane Mode.
  6. Clear Kik Cache.
  7. Update iOS on iPhone.
  8. Update Kik App.
Jul 25, 2022

How long are Kik bans? ›

Kik's servers only retain images and video content for 30 days. When a user is banned or inactive for 30 days, all content falls off the servers and is permanently deleted immediately.

How do I get rid of a ban on Kik? ›

Tap the three dots on the top right corner, and tap “View Members” in the dialog that pops up. Scroll down to the “Banned” section of the members list and tap the person you'd like to unban. Tap the “Unban” option and then tap “Unban” again in the confirmation dialog to confirm that you'd like to unban them.

Does Kik report to police? ›

If we have reasonable grounds to believe that Kik has been used to commit a child pornography offence, we'll file a report with our local law enforcement agency. Kik users are encouraged to contact our Kik Support team if they feel they are being impersonated on Kik.

How do you reset your Kik? ›

Tap the Gear button in the upper-right corner of the Kik app. This will open the Kik Settings menu. Tap "Your Account." This will open your account details. Scroll down and tap "Reset Kik." You'll be prompted to confirm that you want to reset.

Why did Kik ban my account? ›

If an account has violated our Community Standards, we will permanently ban the account. We also hold the right to terminate or deactivate your Kik Account at any time if we think you've violated our Terms of Service.

How do I reset Kik account? ›

If you're locked out of your account or have forgotten your password: Just enter your username or the email registered to your Kik account on the Reset Password website. We'll send a link for your new password to the email address registered to your account.

Is Kik for dating? ›

Is Kik a dating app? Primarily, Kik is designed for messaging not finding the love of your life. But the platform does encourage romantic chats through two of its internal apps: Flirt! And Match & Chat.

Do you have to be 18 to join Kik? ›

Kik is rated for 17 years old and up, but younger teens can lie and simply sign up. As a parent, you can block apps based on their ratings. For example, on an iPhone, go to General - Restrictions - then scroll down to Apps.

Is Kik Down right now? › is UP and reachable by us.

What is Kik called now? ›

Kik Messenger, commonly called Kik, is a freeware instant messaging mobile app from the Canadian company Kik Interactive, available on iOS and Android operating systems.
Kik Messenger.
Original author(s)Kik Interactive Inc.
Stable releaseAndroid / 15 December 2021 iOS 16.0.7 / 15 December 2021
10 more rows

Is Kik a predator? ›

According to a convicted pedophile featured on CBS News' “48 Hours,” the unmonitored platform is a “predator's paradise.” While any app with a young user base attracts pedophiles, Kik makes it especially easy for them to connect with each other and with children.

Who uses Kik anymore? ›

70% of Kik users are aged between 13 and 24 years old. Kik is specifically popular among teenagers in the US, with over a third (⅓) of all American teens actively using Kik to message friends. Kik is now the choice of messaging platform for US teens to connect with: Brands.

Does Kik drain your battery? ›

Kik and Others

Facebook messenger, Kik, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and other messaging services continually send a signal back and forth to see if any new messages have come through. The result is that your battery is working overtime to make sure you don't miss that all-too-important message.

Why was Kik removed? ›

Kik failed because it consistently changed its strategic direction, changing ownership, as well as due to its inability to effectively moderate content on the platform. Kik, after various failed attempts at reinventing the company, was sold to holding company MediaLab in 2019.

Is Kik safe on Iphone? ›

Kik is safe if it is used smartly and in good faith. It's privacy features have made it popular among younger users, but they have also made it attractive to people wishing to use the app in an abusive manner.

Can police recover deleted Kik messages? ›

Kik does not track the content of messages or the phone numbers of users. This makes Kik a difficult platform for law enforcement to actively get any information about the person who sent messages. As the content is not tracked or monitored when messages on Kik are deleted, they are almost irretrievable.

Do old Kik accounts get deleted? ›

When you deactivate Kik, you stop receiving all correspondence from the app, nobody will be able to find your username, and you won't appear in contact lists. However, your Kik account doesn't get permanently deleted and will reactivate if you sign in again.

What is Kik bricking? ›

It sounds like you were bricked. (A hard brick crashes your Kik every time you open the app, a soft brick crashes you any time you open new chats.) This could also be a dos attack, flood attack, or crash loop, all of which are accomplished with the same mods and would cause varying amounts of crashing/lagging.

What happens when Kik bans you? ›

If an account has violated our Community Guidelines, we may temporarily ban the account. You'll be able to send and receive messages once your ban is up. Was this article helpful?

What does temporarily banned mean? ›

If you received an in-app message saying your account is “Temporarily banned”, this means that you're likely using an unofficial version of WhatsApp, or that you might be harvesting information, which is known as scraping.

What does it mean permanently banned? ›

Noun. permaban (plural permabans) (Internet slang) A permanent ban on a user. Anyone caught cheating on our game server will receive a permaban.

Can police track your apps? ›

Authorities use these mobile numbers, tracking apps, IP addresses, social media profiles, the concept of triangulation, and VPN locations to gather evidence against crime suspects. And yes, the police can track your address and monitor your location even if you're not under investigation.

What is Kik stand for? ›

They're saying they want to contact you privately, i.e. away from public services like auction sites and conventional social media. As for the app's actual name, Kik isn't an acronym. It doesn't mean anything in particular, though some suggest it derives from a typo. On a QWERTY keyboard, "KIK" is right next to "LOL".

Can police see my messenger? ›

Gmail, Facebook messenger and Instagram messenger are not encrypted messaging services. If you went missing, the "third party" could technically to hand over messages to authorities, if police gained a warrant to access the information.

What happens if I uninstall and reinstall Kik? ›

You can login your account when you install the app again. You can no longer receive messages and other information. You can still receive messages provided you the system has not deleted them. No one can find you on Kik.

How do I bypass a device ban? ›

Here are four ways to help you easily bypass some of the internet's most common IP bans:
  1. #1: Switch out your Media Access Control (MAC) address.
  2. #2: Change your IP address using a VPN.
  3. #3: Clear your computer's cache & 'digital residue'
  4. #4: Uninstall the program or browser.

Is Kik removed from play store? ›

People online have noticed that Kik is currently unavailable to download on the Google Play store. This is not the first time that this has happened, as the app went off the store back in 2020.

Did Kik get removed from the app Store? ›

Kik is here to stay! This update includes improvements to the application performance.

Can you have 2 Kik accounts? ›

However, the process on Android is simple. You just need to install an app and create a clone of Kik. This will allow you to access both of your Kik accounts on separate apps for maximum benefit.

Does Kik delete messages if you delete your account? ›

You can temporarily deactivate your record or permanently deactivate/erase it on Kik. If you permanently deactivate/erase your profile, all your message history, photographs, videos, and the data will be erased everlastingly after certain days.

Can you reopen Kik account? ›

You can reactivate your account by signing back in. If you've forgotten your password, you can always reset it, as long as you have access to the email that's registered to your account. To temporarily deactivate your account, you must have access to the email registered to your Kik.

Why do adults use Kik? ›

Kik makes it easier than ever before to keep in touch with your friends and family. Unlike other apps that require you to disclose your phone number, Kik allows you to sign up and send messages with just your email address, which helps maintain your privacy.

Is Kik end to end? ›

The app is mobile based and is available for iOS and Android operating systems. However, Kik, product of Kik Interactive which was founded in 2009 by a group of students in Canada, doesn't offer end-to-end encryption.

Does Kik cost money? ›

Kik is a free messaging app that allows users to keep in touch with family and friends using Wi-Fi or your phone's mobile data. Kik only requires an email address to sign up — there's no need to provide a phone number. Kik is available on Android, iOS, and Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Is Kik for 13 year olds? ›

Teens between 13 and 18 years old need to have permission from their parent or legal guardian before they create a Kik account and start using Kik. Your teen will be asked to enter their birthday when they create their account.

Is Kik OK for kids? ›

There is also a significant amount of pornography on Kik, which is also distributed using spambots. Our Cyber Experts rate this app as Unsafe for anyone under the age of 17 and therefore access is blocked on Family Zone protected devices.

Why do kids use Kik? ›

Why do kids use Kik? Children use Kik because of its easy availability and access to share entertaining stuff such as memes, viral videos, and photographs through their mobile phones. Furthermore, users can send texts without being bothered by message limits or character limits.

Why was Kik terminated? ›

If an account has violated our Community Standards, we will permanently ban the account. We also hold the right to terminate or deactivate your Kik Account at any time if we think you've violated our Terms of Service.

What does chat limit reached mean on Kik? ›

When the rate limit is reached, the bot will be unable to send any more messages to the user. The bot will receive a 429 error back from the Kik infrastructure, indicating that the rate limit has been exceeded. The rate limit resets at midnight for each user.

What does the Oops message mean on Kik? ›

You'll see this when the person you're trying to chat with has either deactivated their account, or they haven't been on Kik in a few days. They'll be able see what you sent once they log back in, as long as it's within 21 days of you sending a private message or 7 days of you sending a group message.


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