6 Best Gold Chain Styles for Men (2023) 6 Best Gold Chain Styles for Men (1)

You may know that gold chains are one of the most stylish accessories of the current fashion trends, but do you know what types of gold chain styles are most popular?

It's no secret that gold chains are big. When did gold chains come back into fashion? Gold chain necklaces haven't been a trend in mainstream fashion for about 12 years. (We like to refer to this as the dark days of 2000s fashion.) From around 2006 to 2018, gold chains were mostly only popular with people who wanted to swim against the tide of mainstream fashion.

But in 2018, gold chains came back in style — and they surged in popularity in the 2020s. Now in 2021, gold chains are considered one of the most versatile necklaces you can own to show your personality and take any outfit to the next level.

What are the most popular men's gold chain styles? If you want to know what types of gold chains are the most popular at the moment, here is our style guide for thembest mens gold chainsToday.

One of the reasons gold chains are still in style in 2021—and are expected to continue to be so—is because thedifferent types and designs of gold chainsevolve over the years keeping them new and fresh.

Gold chains that were once considered out of fashion - like the gold medallion cable chain popularized by Jimi Hendrix in the 1960s - are also making a comeback. You don't have to be wearing bell-bottoms and a military jacket to rock an old-school chain; The versatility of gold chains allows you to wear them with any style, creating a new look all your own.

2020 was a major turning point for men's jewelry - the emphasis on self-expression, personalization and individual style took mainstream fashion by storm. Now you can create your own look easier than ever.

Let's take a look at the six most popular gold chain styles for men in 2021 for the future.

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  • tank tracks
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  • The sail chain
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  • cable chains
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Cuban link chains

  1. 6 Best Gold Chain Styles for Men (2)

    15k Real Diamond Cuban Link Chain Choker Necklace Real 14k Gold 12mm wide

    Regular price:$35.000,00

    special offer19.995,00 $

    Earn 99,975 ItsHot Rewards points

  2. 6 Best Gold Chain Styles for Men (3)

    10k Gold Hollow Cuban Link Chain For Men Miami 5.5mm Wide 8.5-24 Inches.

    Regular price:1.592,00 $

    special offer$865,00

    As low as: $457.00

    Earn 4,325 ItsHot Rewards points

  3. 6 Best Gold Chain Styles for Men (4)

    Men's 1 Kilo Inch Solid 14 Karat Gold Cuban Link Chain with 60 Carats of Diamonds

    Regular price:$139.000,00

    special offer$74.000,00

    Earn 370,000 ItsHot Rewards points

The most popular type of gold chain links for men is theCuban link chain, which is also called Miami Cuban link chain. It's a type of curb chain known for its distinctive flat, twisted, interlocking links.

Miami's Cuban link chain is said to have got its name from its initial rise to popularity in Miami in the early 2000s. The Miami fashion scene began borrowing styles from Cuban fashion, and the Cuban link chain was the most popular type of necklace in men's jewelry.

The Cuban Link chain became really popular in other cities in the US, such as NYC and L.A., in the 2010s. Since 2018, the Cuban link chain has risen to become the world's most popular type of gold chain. If you go to France you are much more likely to find Parisian youth wearing Cuban link necklaces than berets.

Why the Cuban link chain is popular

The Cuban link chain is a particularly popular gold chain for men due to its masculine structure. It is one of the most durable types of chain, so a solid gold Cuban link chain is an investment that will last you for years.

Cuban link chains are one of the most popular types of gold chain necklaces for rappers. Rappers often wear Cuban link chains in friendly competition, trying to compete with one another by wearing the most expensive, massive chains, often with custom pendants that reflect their personality or favorite cartoon character.

If you want to make a statement with your jewelry, opt for iced out Cuban link chains set with real diamonds to draw all eyes.

tank tracks

  1. 6 Best Gold Chain Styles for Men (5)
  2. 6 Best Gold Chain Styles for Men (6)

    White Gold Curb Chain Miami Cuban Links 5.6mm 14k 22-40 Inches

    Regular price:$6.100,00

    special offer$3.660,00

    Earn 18,300 ItsHot Rewards points

  3. 6 Best Gold Chain Styles for Men (7)

    Miami Curb Chain in Yellow Gold with Cuban Links for Men, 14k, 2.5mm, 22-40 Inches

    Regular price:$1.450,00

    special offer$720,00

    As low as: $320.00

    Earn 3,600 ItsHot Rewards points

thecurb chain, or gourmette chain, is a type of gold chain link that includes variations such as the Cuban Miami link chain and the Figaro chain. While the Miami Cuban link chain is the most popular type of curb chain, the plain curb chain itself is still very popular.

The way the links of a curb chain interlock makes it one of the most durable chains for men. Women also like curb chains, especially thinner widths (1mm). The thicker the armor links (8 mm), the chunkier the chain and the more conspicuous it is.

Why the curb chain is popular

Curb chains are popular for their versatility and the strength of their links. There are many ways to style a curb chain to vary your outfits with different textures and colors. Different variations, like a curb chain with diamond-shaped links, can be combined with other gold, silver or platinum chains for a unique fashion statement.

Your curb chain links are soldered independently, making them very durable - all curb chains are some of the strongest gold chain links for men. For the strongest gold curb chains, opt for solid gold curb chains.


  1. 6 Best Gold Chain Styles for Men (8)

    Regular price:$718,00

    special offer$408,00

    As low as: $253.30

    Earn 2,040 ItsHot Rewards points

  2. 6 Best Gold Chain Styles for Men (9)

    Regular price:$496,00

    special offer$297,00

    As low as: $184.40

    Earn 1,485 ItsHot Rewards points

  3. 6 Best Gold Chain Styles for Men (10)

    14K Yellow Gold Figaro Chain Item 4mm 20in - 40in

    Regular price:$1.800,00

    special offer$689,00

    Earn 3,445 ItsHot Rewards points

theFigaro-Ketteis a classic Italian gold chain for men. It's a type of curb chain, but the main difference between a Figaro chain and a curb chain is the pattern of their links. The chain pattern of a Figaro necklace consists of one long link followed by several smaller links that flatten out with a twist.

The Figaro chain is simple, elegant and masculine. The Figaro chain takes its name from Italian operaThe Barber of Seville, or Mozart's famous piece, theMarriage of Figaro.

Why the Figaro chain is popular

The Figaro chain is popular with both men and women - it goes well with both t-shirts and more formal outfits. The Figaro chain is a masculine style in thicker widths and an elegant chain for a more minimalist look in thinner widths.

Either way, it's a chain that will last. This type of chain is very popular for its appearance and strength. Figaro chain links are usually soldered individually, which means they cannot break when pulled or tugged. They are a good chain for pendants.

One of the strongest chains, Figaro chain links are usually individually brazed, making them resistant to pulling and tugging. They are strong enough to carry heavy pendants.

Franco chains

  1. 6 Best Gold Chain Styles for Men (11)

    LUXURMAN 14k Solid Gold Women's Franco Chain Adjustable 0.9mm

    Regular price:$448,00

    special offer$257,00

    Earn 1,285 ItsHot Rewards points

  2. 6 Best Gold Chain Styles for Men (12)

    Regular price:$1.152,00

    special offer$581,00

    Earn 2,905 ItsHot Rewards points

  3. 6 Best Gold Chain Styles for Men (13)

    14k gold hollow Franco chain for men, square, 4mm wide

    Regular price:$2.530,00

    special offer1.168,00 $

    As low as: $572.00

    Earn 5,840 ItsHot Rewards points

Another type of Italian curb tracks is theFranco-Kette. The Franco chain is similar to the Cuban link chain but has four extra sides to make it a bit stiffer and more compact. The Italian designer and namesake of the chain created V-shaped links for chains to create some of the strongest gold chain designs.

Franco chain links feature a pattern of tightly woven chevron links that not only look strong but also offer excellent durability. It takes a highly skilled jewelry craftsman to create the best gold Franco chain necklaces.

Similar to Franco chains, Foxtail chains have V-shaped links, but Foxtail chains differ from Franco chains in that they have chevrons on all four sides. Franco chains only have the V-links on two of the four sides. This means you can style a Franco chain two ways, almost like a reversible chain — choose between the chevron side or the curb link side.

Why the Franco chain is popular

The reason gold Franco chains are considered so good is that they offer excellent strength and distinctive style. The Franco chain is a good men's gold chain for pendants as it can support heavy weights.

The Franco chain is also one of the best men's gold chain necklace styles for layering gold chains. To style a Franco chain you can pair it with a Cuban link chain or any type of curb chain such as another Franco chain or a Figaro chain. Layered chains create a masculine and elegant look.

ForDiamond chain necklaces for men, a solid gold Franco chain with diamonds, is one of the most unique iced out chains to underestimate. Solid gold Franco chains are among the strongest gold diamond chains for men.

If you are looking for a more affordable Franco necklace, there are cheap sterling silver Franco necklaces that add a sophisticated shine to the intricately crafted V links.

The sail chain

  1. 6 Best Gold Chain Styles for Men (14)

    Solid men's rope chain 14k rose gold

    special offer$526,00

    Earn 2,630 ItsHot Rewards points

  2. 6 Best Gold Chain Styles for Men (15)

    Solid men's rope chain made of 14k white gold

    special offer$526,00

    Earn 2,630 ItsHot Rewards points

  3. 6 Best Gold Chain Styles for Men (16)

    Solid men's rope chain 14 carat yellow gold

    special offer$526,00

    Earn 18,210 ItsHot Rewards points

The original gold chains that started it all aregolden rope chains. '80s rappers like Slick Rick and Run-DMC helped popularize both hip-hop music and styles. Today, yellow gold cord necklaces are back in fashion. White gold and rose gold cord chains add a modern twist to this classic gold chain variation.

Cable chains are designed after heavy work ropes. The different angles on a gold cord chain make it one of the shiniest gold chains, as real gold reflects light in different ways.

Why the rope chain is popular

Cord chains are popular because they can offer a throwback look as well as being styled as a modern classic.

Cord chains look great with gold pendants. Yellow cord chains are back in fashion, but if you want a more modern look, opt for white gold cord chains or rose gold cord chains. Cord chains are popular gold chains for both men and women, and they come in very thick widths, like the 80's, or in thin and fancy widths.

Whether you're paying homage to the chains worn by old-school rappers or adding a modern flair to these classic chains, the cord chain is a great chain to style in 2021 and beyond.

cable chains

  1. 6 Best Gold Chain Styles for Men (17)

    LUXURMAN women's 10k solid gold cable chain, 0.5mm wide

    Regular price:$90,00

    special offer$56,00

    Earn 280 ItsHot Rewards points

  2. 6 Best Gold Chain Styles for Men (18)

    LUXURMAN Women's Solid 14k Gold Cable Chain Round Extendable 1.2mm

    Regular price:152,00 $

    special offer$91,00

    Earn 455 ItsHot Rewards points

  3. 6 Best Gold Chain Styles for Men (19)

    LUXURMAN 14k solid gold women's extendable cable chain, 1.1mm wide

    Regular price:$218,00

    special offer$142,00

    Earn 710 ItsHot Reward Points

Cable link chainsare the simplest type of gold chains for men and women. Their design is ancient - it has lasted so long because it is an extremely strong chain design and looks great in a variety of styles.

Cable chains are both practical and functional. The cable chain's link pattern features a row of identical gold links linked together to ensure excellent strength. Cable chain comes in many widths so you can find both cheap gold cable chains and 14k solid gold cable chains to suit every style and budget.

Why the cable chain is popular

The cable chain is popular for many reasons. Because of their longevity, many people consider them to be the best gold chain for pendants. When a cable chain link breaks, it is easy and inexpensive to repair.

The cable chain is an excellent chain for layering gold chain necklaces that can really spice up your look. Some cable link chains have two strands of chain, a popular women's style for a layered look.

Gold cable chains for women and men are equally popular. They are best secured with a lobster clasp, and solid gold cable chains are the strongest type of gold chain in this style.

When trying to decide which styles of gold chain necklaces are right for you, remember that the best gold chain necklaces for everyday wear strike a balance between bold and versatile.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a gold chain for your style.

  1. Necklace with a diamond chain or a simple gold chain?Some people prefer to add some bling to their chain necklace and buy iced diamond gold chains for men. Others prefer to keep their gold chains more traditional and experiment with different links, widths and textures.
  2. Follower or no follower?Consider whether you want a men's gold chain with a pendant or one without a pendant. This affects the choice of chain you choose. If you want a heavy diamond pendant, you need to get a heavier gold chain style to support its weight. Check out our durability rating10 Strongest Types of Chain Link Necklaces.
  3. Long or short chain length?The same chain in different lengths can bring different atmosphere to your look. Decide what chain length you would like. The 20 inch gold chain and 22 inch chain are the most common chain lengths for men, but some men like longer chains to layer them.
  4. How thick or thin should your chain be?Typically, shorter chain necklaces on men are also thinner. For longer gold chains, most men prefer thicker widths. You can find everything from men's 1mm wide gold necklaces, to 21mm wide heavy gold chains (the width of a US quarter), to the over the top celebrity rapper sized chains at 25mm thick, like the Massive1.5 Kilo Solid Gold Miami Cuban Link Chain.

The length and width of a gold chain adds a lot of subtlety and expression to your outfit. You don't want any type of gold chain to sit awkwardly on your shirt collar, not just below or above it. Also, don't choose a chain width that is too thick if you plan to tuck it under a shirt, as it may look too bulky under the shirt fabric.
If you have any questions about high quality gold chains, contact us at We are one of New York City's top jewelry stores for many celebrities and trendsetters, and we pride ourselves on our customer service - we have a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee on our gold chains and other jewelry. 6 Best Gold Chain Styles for Men (20)Denis Stepansky
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Denis Stepansky is one of the founders of ItsHot, a jewelry and watch store based in NYC. He has been in the jewelry business for about 20 years and owns such high quality jewelry brands as Luccello and Luxurman. As a jewelry expert, he has quotes in well-known magazines and newspapers such as Insider and Daily Mail.

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