The Definitive Guide to Lime Scooters [For Riders and Juicers] (2023)

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VonScootandWheelstoTurnandLyft, countless companies around the world are paying off the demand for electric scooters.

But even among the hundreds of competing brands trying to make it big in the industry, Lime scooters continue to stand out as a longtime rider favorite.

Founded in San Francisco in early 2017,Calciumis a micro-mobility company best known for driving the adoption of dockless electric scooters.

It entered the modern scooter sharing industry early on, introducing the concept to many major cities and college campuses.

Since then, the scooter sharing concept has become widely known and is shaping inner-city traffic almost as muchridesharing.

In this article we will introduce you to Lime scooters and explain how you can rent them for your next trip.

table of contents

  • What are lime scooters?
  • Are lime scooters legal?
  • How much do Lime Scooters cost?
  • How to sign up for Lime
  • Rent a scooter with the Lime App
  • Rent a Lime Scooter in the Uber app
  • Ride a Lime Scooter
  • frequently asked Questions
  • Explore your city with ease

What are lime scooters?

Lime-Scooters - also known as Lime-S-Scooters - are electric scooters that customers can rent by the minute and "return" by safely parking the scooters near their destination.

They run up to 15 mph for about 20 miles on a full charge.

And they're a great transportation option for anyone wanting to explore their city or for commuters who need a convenient and affordable way to get to work.

Drivers can easily find, pick up, and rent these shared scooters day or night—even in light rain or snow.

That means they can be a pretty reliable last minute ride.

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Are lime scooters legal?

Several cities welcome electric scooters, others have banned them or prohibited their use in certain areas or situations.

In some citiesregulationswere not available when they were introduced for the safe use of scooters.

Scooters will likely get the green light once local laws and safety issues are worked out and implemented.

Some things that annoy residents of these cities are drivers without helmets passing too fast or too close to pedestrians.

Drivers also leave scooters in the path of pedestrians or they pile up in front of shops.

In Santa Monica, scooter riders wanting to avoid parking tickets for illegal sidewalk riding parked a ton of scooters just short of the point of no return.

The police weren't happy to clean it up.

Scooter companies like Limeare working hard to bring about the changes cities want.

They focus on safety programs and making scooter rentals affordable for low-income users.

Lime itself urges users to be mindful and considerate so cities see scooters in a good light and keep them running.

To find out if Lime Scooters are available in your city, check the smartphone app.

If lime scooters are available in your area, you will see icons (that look like limes) near your location.

At the time of writing, Lime scooters are available in many major cities across America, including:

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  • The angel
  • San Francisco
  • Denver
  • St. Louis
  • Baltimore
  • Portland
  • San Diego
  • Nashville
  • New York
  • + Many more

Many universities and colleges also offer Lime Scooters.

If you're in a larger city, you might find that Lime isn't legal in one neighborhood, but it might be in the next.

In LA, for example, they're banned in Beverly Hills, you can drive but not park in West Hollywood, and you can driveandPark in other areas of the city.

pro tip

For the campuses that don't have scooter rentals available, look aroundZipcar student.

It's a great way to rent a vehicle and get around without having to buy your own.

How much do Lime Scooters cost?

Lime Scooters are designed to be extremely affordable for short distance trips.

While the exact cost varies from city to city, they can usually be rented for a $1 activation fee and a 15 cent per minute fee.

Unlike many on-demand mobility apps, Lime doesn't charge higher rates during periods of high demand, so you can rely on your city's flat rates.

You can find these rates in your app by tapping any scooter icon or the "Scan to Ride" button.

The only reason other charges might be added would be if you park in a no parking zone such as B. a pedestrian walkway or disabled ramp, and Lime forwards the penalty to you.

In select markets, frequent Lime scooter users can save money by purchasing a LimePass orKalk-Prime, which offers unlimited free unlocks for seven consecutive days for a one-time fee of $4.99.

Since unlocking fees are typically $1, you'll get your money back after five rentals.

You can also save money by topping up your virtual wallet with Lime Cash, a credit you can use on any ride.

Lime offers a free dollar when you add $20 to your account, or $2 when you add $30.

How to sign up for Lime

Before you start driving Lime, you need to meet a few requirements.

You then carry out a simple registration process in the app.

Below we describe what you need to know to register.

driver requirements

While Lime scooters are generally safe to ride, the company has some rider requirements to further avoid injury.

To use Lime you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Possess a valid US driver's license
  • Wear a helmet when riding
  • Obey the local traffic rules

Local traffic laws usually require that you ride on bike lanes whenever possible, stop at red lights and stop signs, and drive within the speed limit.

Scooters are set not to exceed the city speed limit for off-highway travel.

However, if you encounter lower limits (e.g. 10 mph), you are expected to stay within those limits.

It is against Lime rules to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or to use your phone while driving.

Users must also have a smartphone running Android 5.0, iOS 10.0 or later operating system to use the Lime app.

Step-by-step registration process

When you're ready to sign up for Lime, download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store, then follow these instructions:

1. Open the app and start the registration process.

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You must either submit your phone number, tap "Continue with Facebook," or tap "More" and sign in with your email address.

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2. Verify Account

Connect your Facebook account or verify your phone number or email address when prompted.

Agree to Lime's User Agreement and Privacy Policy to continue.

3. Grant location access

Give Lime access to your location on your smartphone.

This allows Lime to locate scooters near you.

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4. Connect payment method

Tap on "Add Credit/Debit Card" to connect your payment method. Alternatively, you can tap "Skip".

If you choose to skip at this point, you must add the method before your first ride.

To do this, open your app menu, select "Wallet" and tap "Add" under "Payment Methods".

Once you have completed these simple steps you will have access to the platform and you can rent your first scooter.

Rent a scooter with the Lime App

Light. You can locate Lime scooters with the app and then unlock them by scanning a QR code.

Or if you come across a scooter that isn't being used, just unlock it.

When your ride is over, lock it again and the app will ring your credit card and charge you - typically a dollar per ride + 15 cents a minute.

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Here's the breakdown:

  • When you open the Lime app, a map shows you where the nearest Lime scooters and electric bikes are to you
  • On the map, look for the scooter closest to you with the fullest charge (it tells you how long the battery lasts or how far it goes).
  • Go to the location and find the scooter
  • If you don't see the scooter right away, there is an option in the app to make it ring and show its location
  • When you get to your Lime scooter, make sure it's undamaged. If it is damaged, tap the "!" button on your screen and select "damaged vehicle" to report the issue and remove the scooter from your app.
  • To unlock the Lime, tap the Drive button at the bottom of the screen in the app, then use your phone's camera to scan the QR code on the scooter - or you can type the 6-digit vehicle code under the QR Enter code if you'd like trouble getting the scan

If you get errors, you can try entering the code manually under the QR code.

If this still doesn't work, someone on the Lime team is probably on their way to pick it up for maintenance.

In this case you have to choose another scooter.

Once your phone confirms a successful scan, you can unlock the kickstand and start your ride.

If a cable lock is fitted, you will be given some additional instructions on how to unlock your Lime scooter.

Lime recommends testing the scooter's brakes before setting off.

If you have never used an electric scooter before, familiarize yourself with balancing on the Lime scooter, using the throttle on the right side to accelerate and the handbrake to slow down.

While driving, your app will let you know when you enter a zone that requires lower speeds.

If you enter a zone where scooters are not allowed, your scooter should automatically brake to a stop.

It will start up again as soon as you move it out of the area.

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Rent a Lime Scooter in the Uber app

Lime recently expanded its availability through acquisitionsTO JUMP, Uber's scooter share and bike share brand.

The company partnered with Uber to offer Lime scooters for rent directly through the Uber app.

Presumably to counteract this takeover, Lyft also acquiredCitibikeas well as a partnership with closedDivvy-Bikes.

If you live in a Lime market and have an Uber account, you don't need to sign up with Lime to rent a scooter.

Just open the Uber app, tap Drive on your home screen, and choose Bike & Scooter.

This will bring up instructions on how to find and unlock scooters on the third-party platform and show scooter prices in your area.

Once you've found your Lime scooter through the Uber app, the unlocking process is similar to the process in the Lime app.

Your Uber app will guide you through the process.

At the end of your ride, follow all of the parking rules above and complete your ride from your Uber app.

Ride a Lime Scooter

The Definitive Guide to Lime Scooters [For Riders and Juicers] (5)

Getting ready to ride a Lime Scooter is a breeze.

The safety check before driving consists of three steps:

  • Manually pump the handbrakes to ensure they are learned
  • Check the tires to make sure they are not damaged
  • Check the body once for cracks or structural damage

If your security check reveals any issues with the scooter, report it to Lime by tapping the exclamation mark in the bottom left corner of the in-app map screen.

Do not ride a scooter that is not safe. Look around the area for another Lime ready.

You ride the Lime by standing on it with one foot, pushing off, and then standing on it sideways while accelerating with the thumb shift on the handlebars.

As with a bicycle, you brake with a handbrake on the handlebars.

To see how easy it is, watch this short video:

Beginners may want to take a short trip to the immediate area to get used to the feel. So plan some time for your first Lime experience.

To give you an idea of ​​how far and how fast you can travel on a Lime Scooter, you should expect a speed of between 9 and 18 miles per hour if your ride is unobstructed.

The speed limit is 14.8mph but remember to be careful and watch out for potholes and pedestrians.

And although the top speed is listed under 15 mph, we've heard plenty of stories of people hitting speedsover20 km/h.

Balancing is facilitated by solid, stable 8" wheels, so it's not like trying to balance on an old-school kid's scooter.

The 250 watt motor is monitored by the app so you can see how much juice you have and your remaining mileage.

When you are finished with your ride, park the bike in a place that will be visible to the next rider but will not block traffic, pedestrians or shops and is not on someone else's private property.

To lock the scooter, simply tap “End Ride” in the app.

Lime Scooter Rules

Keeping scooter share programs accessible and expanding will be a major boon to our environment and mental health.

They reduce traffic and smog.

Even though Lime cannot enforce these rules, follow them to make scooter sharing more attractive to municipalities that make enforceable rules.

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Here are Lime's etiquette suggestions:

  • Park properly at the curb
  • Obey the traffic rules
  • Use the handbrake to stop
  • Resist stunt driving for your own safety and those on your way
  • Do not ride on pedestrian walkways
  • Watch out for potholes, rocks and other obstacles

Follow these rules:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to ride a scooter
  • Wear a helmet (your own, so bring it)
  • Do you have a valid driver's license

Safe handling of the scooters and careful parking are perceived.

The cities that have banned or delayed scooter use did so because of complaints from residents, business owners, and law enforcement about how the scooters were being driven, used, and parked.

Parking your scooter

When you reach your destination or want to end your ride, first check your app to make sure you are in a zone where parking and locking your Lime scooter is allowed.

Then put down your kickstand to park the scooter somewhere away from the pedestrian walkways.

Look for a place where a bike can usually be safely parked.

Parking is not permitted on wheelchair ramps, near hospital entrances and fire stations, or inside gated communities.

Lime Scooters with cable locks may only be parked on bike racks.

To end your rental and stop all per-minute charges, tap "Lock" in your app (and physically lock it with your cable lock if needed), push down on your scooter's rear wheel lever and end your ride in the app.

frequently asked Questions

Lime is one of many scooter startups that have created a new transportation option that has taken over the world.

For more information about Lime Scooter, read these FAQs:

Where can Lime Scooters be rented?

Lime Scooters are availablein almost 20 states of the USA - including New York, California and Texas - and in Washington, D.C.

Some college campuses have partnered directly with the scooter company for easier student access.

Internationally, Lime is available in select European, Asian, South American and Australian cities.

Check out the full list of Lime cities and campuses to see where you can ride these e-scooters and where operations are temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Does Lime offer any other products besides the Lime-S Scooter?

Yes, Lime also offers Lime-E electric bikes and standard Lime pedal bikes in select cities.

Thislime wheelscan be rented using the same process used for electric scooter rentals in both the Lime app and the Uber app.

Can I make money by charging Lime Scooter?

Absolutely. If you are interested in making money to supplement your scooter use or to meet your financial goals, you can register as alime charger.

Lime Chargers, better known as Juicers, can make money by picking up, charging, and redistributing scooters on their own schedule.

Juicers can make as much as $30 an hour with this simple, flexible gig.

Explore your city with ease

With bikes and scooters available for rent worldwide, Lime has quickly become a leader in micro-mobility.

The scooter sharing and bike sharing company makes it easier for people like you to explore international cities and pay for rides by the minute.

Plus, with its dockless model, you don't even have to travel far to return it.

Of course, Lime hasn't taken over every city in the world.

If you're in a city where Lime doesn't operate, chances are Bird - another of the first brands to popularize dockless electric scooters - does.

(Video) Lime Juicer. Get Paid to Charge Scooters đź›´

Learn how Bird Scooters work, so you can have a scooter option in more cities you travel to.


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