What is a group of quail called and why? (list of names) - Birds fact (2023)

Many people have wondered what a group of quails are called and, more importantly, why they are called that. Turns out there's no real reason why it's called that. It's just the way it is and we're sticking with it. However, don't be discouraged! There are many other bird names you can use if you want to call out to different birds in your flock as they fly overhead. One of the most unique animals on earth is the quail because they have some very peculiar characteristics that make them animals you won't soon forget.

What is the name of a group of quail?

A group of quail is called a covey, except for one species where they are called a flock. Each flock or group of quail usually consists of five to ten birds. Quails are solitary during the day and roost together at night. However, they are quite friendly creatures who love spending time together! When not foraging in groups, they often congregate on their favorite grassy patches, where they can gossip and share tales of their days' adventures.

What is a group of quail called and why? (list of names) - Birds fact (1)

A group of California quail in flight

A flock of quail is also called a dowcher because it was traditionally believed that these migratory birds would travel with the dunes on windy days when the wind came from the southwest, known as the dowser's breath. You can also see a flock of quail called a drive. There are three species of quail - Japanese, Californian and Gambels, but all three species belong to the same genus - Callipepla (or Coturnix).

List of popular quail group names

Queer from quail
fat quail
Shake of quail
Drift of quail
battery of quail
Bunch of quail
Drift of quail
tide of quail
button of quail
small quail
Flight of quail
Journey of the Quail
Quail run (flightless)
Use of Gambel's quail
Revenge of the Montezuma Quail

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What is a group of baby quail called?

The sight of little Bovey is truly amazing and beautiful. Her lyrical voice reaches our ears like a sweet song. Whatever you call them doesn't matter because there are no language police who will arrest you for calling them funny names. Sounds ridiculous! Here are some names for little quail:


What is a group of quail called and why? (list of names) - Birds fact (2)California quail with mother

For poultry farmersBird Babiesare like chicks. They look very cute and very similar to chicks. No one will penalize you for calling them by different names.

What are they known for?

The collective word for quail is colony, flock or brood. Quails are also known for their high running speed. With no natural predators, they form large flocks in any area with suitable habitats and feed on the ground or in trees.

Unlike domesticated fowl, they only roost during migration or in inclement weather. They are omnivores and opportunistic feeders. Quail eat worms, insects, mice, snakes, lizards, snails, snails, frogs, plant seeds, flowers and leaves. They have been observed eating small birds, alive or dead.

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Although they can fly short distances, they prefer to run. A group of quail is called a colony, flock or brood. Quails are also known for their high running speed. They typically form huge swarms in any area with suitable habitat and feed on the ground or in trees. Unlike domesticated fowl, they only roost during migration or in inclement weather. Their diet contains plant materials, including seeds, fruits, flowers, and berries.

What do you call a group of magpies?

Physical characteristics of quail

The physical characteristics of the quail, although not always obvious to us, give them some advantages in nature. For example, their rounded shape offers less surface area, making them more streamlined and harder to see. As you can imagine, this helps them escape from predators more easily. Their legs also allow them to move quickly over short distances and make fast turns. In addition, their flight feathers are short, allowing for agile movement in the air and protection on the ground. Finally, their wings also have a unique property that allows them to flap slower but generate more lift. These traits help them avoid predators from all angles, making it almost impossible for an animal to catch one!

What is a group of quail called and why? (list of names) - Birds fact (3)

California quail

Where do you live?

Quail originally came from the United States but can now be found worldwide. In New Zealand, quail primarily eat seeds and plants; In the United States, they have evolved to prefer more man-made foods, such as cereal grains. There are many quails, but they are usually divided into two categories: Old World quail and New World quail. Old World quail inhabit Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. They usually forage on the ground and roost in trees or bushes at night. They build their nests on the ground or high up near branches to protect themselves from predators. New World quail live only in North America (the western hemisphere). Their habitats include forests and plains with tall grasses.

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What are duck feet called?

Facts about quail

  • There are 18 species of quail around the world and they are not difficult to find.
  • Quail are omnivores, meaning they eat plant matter and meat.
  • In the US, they can be seen on roadsides, golf courses, athletic fields, gardens, and farmland.
  • Quail are also considered agricultural pests as their feeding habits can cause problems for commercial agriculture in some regions.
  • An interesting fact about these birds is that they have long been kept as pets valued for their singing and docile nature. Many people still keep quail as pets in the backyard or in aviaries because they are so easy to take care of, making this one animal we know well.

Why should we protect quail?

We should protect quail because they are very vulnerable and limited. We should protect them by stopping the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. We should also stop all oil drilling there. It will keep habitats safe for quail and allow them to continue to exist for future generations.

What is a group of quail called and why? (list of names) - Birds fact (4)

One might ask why we want to savequailwhen it doesn't seem like there are many out there. There are so few left because when humans first came to North America, we hunted them for food, often killing entire populations with just one hunt.

Another reason quail have declined over time is that their natural habitat has disappeared. The reason is the destruction of the rainforest. Oil drilling has also made their homes unsafe causing more problems as they have less space to roam freely. We must find ways to ensure that these birds can still exist, even when there are only a handful of them left, or they could be gone forever!

Additional notes on quail

The name for a group of quail varies depending on where they are found. In Australia, for example, it is called Congress. In the UK it is called Covey. In the United States, Canada, and Ireland, the word pod describes what might be called a group of quail. Other famous words for groups of quail are community, troupe, and creche.

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A final note on how many birds make up a flock of quail: it can vary from two to 100,000! One thing is certain though - whether you call them a flock or a pod, a collection of quail will always be full of life.


The quail are commonly referred to in this list and in the world as being in a group. There are several names for this type of group. For example, you might say the word party, covey, or peep when referring to the same thing. So don't be confused when you hear them all. We hope this guide has been of use to you.

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Do quails live in groups? ›

Quails are solitary birds but can also spend their time in pairs. A group of quails is called a flock, bevy, covey, or queer. During mating or winter season, quails live in flocks.

What are quails known for? ›

Quail are ground-feeders and typically prefer to live in fields and cropland. These fascinating birds are best known for their unusual call and their short yet fast flights. But that's not all there is to learn about them, so join us as we discover 10 incredible quail facts!

What do quails do for fun? ›

Quail can be extremely entertaining, and they've been known to show off with balls by chasing them around their cages for their human caretakers. All-in-all quail are easy-to-care-for, delightful, little birds that can also provide meat, eggs, and hours of entertainment.

Can quails fly? ›

But even though they are small, quail present their own challenges. Because quail can fly, their enclosures need to be extra secure, and they are more vulnerable to predators due to their size.

What is a bunch of quail called? ›

The collective noun for a group of quail is a flock, covey, or bevy. Quail.

Where do quail go at night? ›

Gambel's quail prefer to roost in dense shrubs or trees at night. Shade from various types of desert vegetation is also very helpful. Dense cover provides shelter from predators. Female quail usually select nest sites on the ground. Preferably the nest is hidden under a shrub, rock, or protected site.

What is a bunch of baby quail called? ›

There's no specific name for a group of baby quails. Quails can have as many as 15 or 16 chicks, which is well above average. Once hatched, baby quails are tiny and stick closely to the mother for as long as 50 days. Some species of quails form flocks of mixed families.

What are quails favorite food? ›

They will readily eat seeds from many different forbs, including Annual Broomweed, Buffalo-bur, Annual sunflower, Cowpen Daisy, Croton, and Snow-on-the-Mountain. Grass seeds are another important element of a quail's diet, with Johnsongrass and Plains bristlegrass being a couple of their favorites.

What is the biggest quail? ›

Jumbo Brown Coturnix Quail are considered one of the fastest-growing and largest of all quail, bred specifically for attaining a large size. At maturity, these quail have been reported to weigh up to 14 ounces.

What kind of bird is quail? ›

quail, any of roughly 130 species of small short-tailed game birds classified in the families Phasianidae and Odontophoridae (order Galliformes), resembling partridges but generally smaller and less robust.

Do quails sleep at night? ›

Like other small quail that live in coveys, they sit in circular formations, facing outward, to sleep at night.

Do quails like music? ›

Quail, after all, are a lesson in living the good life. For starters, they enjoy music.

Do quails take baths? ›

In well-watered areas bathing is most common, in arid ones dusting is more often observed. Experiments with quail show that frequent dusting helps to maintain an optimum amount of oil on the feathers. Excess plumage lipids, including preen oil, are absorbed by the dust and expelled along with dry skin and other debris.

How long are quails pregnant? ›

Most breeds of quail hatch in 23-24 days, but Gambel's quail usually hatch in 21 to 24 days, but others may take 31 days.

What attracts quail to your yard? ›

They are especially fond of millet and cracked corn, which you can also offer in ground-feeding areas. Low, broad platform feeders that can accommodate several birds at once are good choices for feeding quail, or you can sprinkle seed near brush or shrubs where the birds will feel secure.

Do quails carry diseases? ›

(Quail Disease)

Ulcerative enteritis is caused by infection with Clostridium colinum. It primarily affects bobwhite quail, but several other bird species can also be infected. Clinical signs include sudden death and hemorrhagic enteritis but are less severe in chickens and game birds other than quail.

Is a group of quail called a bevy? ›

Other Words for a Group of Quail

While bevy is the most common collective noun for quail, a group of quail is also called a covey.

What are groups of birds called? ›

Birds form clusters of organized groups, called flight flocks, for a reason.

What is the plural of quail? ›

Noun. quail (plural quails or quail)

Can quails survive winter? ›

The arrival of cold and snow doesn't necessarily mean a death sentence for quail. In fact, these hardy birds can do remarkably well even in tough winters provided quality winter cover is available. Winter habitat includes grass cover for roosting at night, trees and shrubs to loaf in during the day, and food.

How cold is too cold for quails? ›

Quails can tolerate temperatures down to -20°F. A typical night could drop to 2°F, which shouldn't bother these birds much. It could be seen as an advantage if you have a lot of quail since these birds usually pile up together and share body heat to keep warm.

At what age do baby quail fly? ›

Young can fly short distances at age of 10 days but are not full grown until later. One brood per year, two in years with good food supply.

What do you call a female quail? ›

Hen = adult female quail.

Which quail is male or female? ›

Adult males are rich gray and brown, with a black face outlined with bold white stripes. Females are a plainer brown and lack the facial markings. Both sexes have a pattern of white, creamy, and chestnut scales on the belly. Young birds look like females but have a shorter topknot.

Do quails have teeth? ›

The gizzard is the quail equivalent of molar teeth.

Do quails eat ants? ›

The California quail eats around 70% plant foods. It is omnivorous and also eats many species of invertebrates and insects, like spiders, bugs, flies, worms, grasshoppers, beetles, ants, termites and ticks.

What plants attract quails? ›

Some quail favorites among native plants that are popular in gardens are: ceanothus, ribes (native currants), lonicera (native honeysuckles, which are shrubby, not vining), rhus (such as lemonberry), fragaria (California strawberry), lupines, sambucus (elderberry), Heteromeles arbutifolia (toyon), Atriplex lentiformis ...

Can quail eat grapes? ›

Wild grape can quickly cover a brush pile, enhancing its value to quail. Wild grape fruits resemble miniature versions of the cultivated varieties. Many wildlife species relish the fruits.

Can we eat quail? ›

The common quail is also part of Polish cuisine, Maltese cuisine, Portuguese cuisine, Italian cuisine, Mexican cuisine, and Indian cuisine. Quail are commonly eaten complete with the bones, since these are easily chewed and the small size of the bird makes it inconvenient to remove them.

Do quails mate for life? ›

Nesting and Incubation

Gambel's quail are thought to be a monogamous species meaning that they keep the same mate throughout their lives.

What quail lays blue eggs? ›

Celadon Layer quail contain an exciting gene discovered in Canada that produces a light blue egg, rather than the typical speckled brown egg that quail are known for. Celadon layers can come in any color.

Is quail a game bird? ›

Game birds may include guinea fowl, partridges, peacocks, pheasants, pigeons and doves, quail or squab (a young pigeon), swans, wild turkeys and some ducks, such as mallards or wood ducks.

Where does a quail live? ›

Quail can be found living in grassy fields, cropland, and meadow habitats. Wild Japanese quail live in East Asia, Russia and parts of Africa, and some populations migrate. They feed mainly on grass seeds, but also eat small insects. Quail live on the ground: foraging, nesting and sleeping in the grass.

Can quail lay 2 eggs a day? ›

The popular Coturnix quail can lay one egg daily between two and eight months. They're most fertile and productive at that time, with the potential to produce 300 eggs a year. However, after two years and beyond, their fertility will start to decline as they age, but they can still produce 200 or more eggs annually.

Are quail birds smart? ›

On the "intelligence scale" of birds, the quail hits the rock bottom. It is, frankly, not that smart. And this is a good thing from the point of view of research on behavioral neuroscience. They "don't do" much thinking.

How many eggs does 1 quail lay a day? ›

A Coturnix quail hen will usually begin laying somewhere between 5 and 8 weeks of age. She will lay one egg almost every day. She will probably lay at least 300 eggs per year or more.

How fast do quail run? ›

Quick-running Quail

When Scaled Quail feel threatened, they prefer to run rather than fly. They are fast runners, reaching speeds above 15 miles per hour.

Do quail mate for life? ›

Nesting and Incubation

Gambel's quail are thought to be a monogamous species meaning that they keep the same mate throughout their lives.

Who should not eat quail eggs? ›

If you have any concerns, you should discuss them with your healthcare provider ( 12 ). Most quail eggs are unpasteurized, so pregnant women and people with compromised immune systems should only eat them if they have been fully cooked. Some people may also be allergic to quail eggs.

Do quails fly at night? ›

It is, however, domestic cats, feral and otherwise, that take more quail than all other predators combined. While they are most often observed walking along the ground, they can fly short distances to escape predators, establish observation posts, forage in trees and low vegetation, and roost at night.

What age do quails fly? ›

Baby quail can usually start to fly around eleven days or two weeks old. Compared to other birds, quail chicks are fairly independant once they begin flying. They are capable of finding their own food and resting places. However, they are still too vulnerable to be on their own for the first thirty days or so.

Are quails friendly? ›

Are pet quails friendly? Some quails have aggressive tendencies, but many are friendly, easy to raise, full of personality, and fun to play and interact with. That's why quails like Coturnix are a popular pet choice.

Can quail survive winter? ›

The arrival of cold and snow doesn't necessarily mean a death sentence for quail. In fact, these hardy birds can do remarkably well even in tough winters provided quality winter cover is available. Winter habitat includes grass cover for roosting at night, trees and shrubs to loaf in during the day, and food.

Can dogs eat quail eggs? ›

An excellent addition to your pet's raw meals! Add raw shelled or unshelled quail eggs to your pets dish as a daily meal addition or special treat. Raw Quail Eggs are an excellent source of protein! Shells are an excellent source of calcium.

Do quails lay without a male? ›

You do not need a male in order for your ladies to lay. Unlike the cockerels, male quails do not crow. Males tend to get a lot of bad press for being aggressive - however most male quails are friendly.

Do squirrels eat quail? ›

WHAT EATS THEM. Bobcats, coyotes, squirrels, great horned owls, skunks, snakes, and sometimes domestic cats hunt California quail.


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